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Where are you focusing my daughter?

I have personally been struggling with focus for a while, on and off. It's pretty upsetting to not be able to do or focus on things in life and even sometimes your own call with God. It can be very overwhelming, depressing and defeating emotions can even rise up to torment me.

I have been praying for my beloved Jesus to help me with this since we do live in such a preoccupied, busy, even technologically overwhelming world filled with so much negativity and destruction. We are continuously bombarded with negative news, social media, violence, perversion, etc. I try to control what I allow myself to see or hear, but sometimes it can be an impossible task since it is practically EVERYWHERE!

He is so merciful and kind and even in these dark moments in my life, he still speaks to me very clearly, without condemnation, of what I am to be focusing on and where… HE ENCOURAGES ME SOOO MUCH!

“beloved Maria, keep your eyes on Me, as the focus of your life is Me, but please also keep your thoughts and emotions pressed upon my heart. If you allow the dilemmas of this world, the hardships, the thoughts that the enemy of your soul, the devil, tries to put in your mind to dominate and control your emotions or actions, then it only causes great pain, anguish, depression, anxiety and much more. When you focus on Me and my ways, you feel the opposite of these things; peace, joy, hope, and creativity amongst others. My ways are better than your ways. My thoughts are greater than any human being’s. So, indeed my beloved, stay close and focused on Me for My ways/thoughts are higher than your ways“

Jesus always has the kindest most and most relevant words that I need to hear at that moment of my need. Even sometimes, when I’m driving to work during those long highway drives, He speaks words to me of encouragement and truth. The way I know it’s from Him is because I recognize His voice. (I am His) It is always a gentle, sweet voice that encourages me forward and onward! Whereas the devil’s voice is always degrading, condemning and mocking. Even so, sometimes the devil tries to speak ‘nicely’ to entice and trick, but it is always a ‘bad or destructive’ word that he has to say.

The Lord had me look up the meaning of “focus” = // a centre of activity, attraction, or attention, a point of concentration, a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding, adjustment for distinct vision// (Merriam/Webster online dictionary)

Hebrew = HITPA’EL (פוקוס) to focus, centre on, zoom in, concentrate to think hard.

So truly we are to ‘centre in on’, concentrate on Him and His ways. When I do this, I even feel depression lifting, worry dissipating and feel more clear-minded and can actually see things with a different perspective. Oh, how true, that He truly is the light and right path to all truth and clarity in our ways of thinking!! I love you my Beloved!


Dear LORD, please continue opening our hearts to focus on what is from you, good things, and things above. Help us to focus and meditate on Your Word so we can better know what is really true. Increase our desire to be in Your presence more often, listening for your direction. Help us to keep our eyes on YOU and YOU alone for direction and wisdom. In Jesus’ name I pray!

Be blessed!

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