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Are You Ready to Open your Heart to Me Fully?

I remember hearing these words many times from Jesus:

"Daughter, are you ready to completely open your heart to me? Do you desire for me to set you free? Then allow me to come and dig deep into the recesses of your soul and remove all those wounds and familial strongholds and truly set you free"

On my journey with Jesus I have been convicted of this many times. "Yes, Lord, I do want to open my heart totally" I would respond to Jesus, but as I sojourned with Jesus I found out that I was really not completely opening up to Him and would 'hide' little areas of my heart that I would not allow Him into. Also there were areas so deep and hidden, that I didn't even know were in my soul. It has taken me years to really understand or even see with crystal clear eyes so many truths about myself. Listen, let's be 100% transparent here, we all have a hard time with admitting we have something that could not be ok about us! Yes...we all do!! We would much rather deny and point fingers at all the things wrong with everyone around us. That's a lot easy to swallow then admitting we need help!

There have been times when I just couldn't bare to allow Jesus into an area that was so profoundly wounded and painful (even when I knew it was there). It was in of itself too painful for me to even speak about, or acknowledge, let alone admit. I know that we are all in the same boat. All human-beings act or react in the same way, just at different levels of intensity or levels of admission. (Some see things right away, where others live in denial)

As I became more mature in my christian walk, and had more revelation of His Word, I began to see areas in myself that were not so 'pretty'. "What, I cannot possibly be like that" Oh yes, we can sometimes be so arrogant, thinking there's nothing wrong with us, nothing to 'fix'. They were hidden things from when I was a child and couldn't even remember, or hidden sins from my family tree. Jesus started to give me many dreams and visions about my family tree, things that they had delved into that no one knew about. He also showed me areas of my heart that needed to be touched by His ever so merciful and kind finger of healing. This was not an easy process (and He still continues to show me areas that I need to give to him totally), but I was so freed when I really came to terms with these things in my life and set aside my bruised pride. He set me free, oh so free.

During moments of someone praying over me, or revelation from the Word of God, I would start to feel conviction from Holy Spirit and then would repent, and I would begin to weep so profoundly that I would start to shake and could not stand up. This went on for awhile, but then when I was able to regain some composure, I felt my soul was lighter and I knew that I had been delivered, healed and freed of something so profound.

We should never get too comfortable in the place where we are spiritually. There is always something that our beloved Lord wants to heal or set us from from. I believe this process is a lifelong process. The quicker we allow Jesus to come in and heal us and remove all those painful areas, the quicker we are able to walk in the life that He has called us. Well my friends, I have to say, there is never an 'arrived' for anyone; we all need healing, deliverance or His touch in our lives. We are all on a continuous journey, and it is so exciting to see how Jesus moves in our lives and how much He loves us; so much that He desires us to be whole and complete in Him, set free from familiar sins, strongholds and sin from our trials, rebellion, and errors that only bring pain and anguish into our lives.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 ESV

Therefore, I would encourage you to sit before the Lord, and ask Him to show you areas of your lives that need His light and watch what He will do. I know that He will set you free! Don't be afraid, don't listen to the enemy's lies trying to get you not to do this. Jesus will never condemn you, only heal you!

There truly is so much joy in being set free. Granted, we do have to go through some emotional pain at times, but it is well worth it. I have learnt from experience that the more we hold back and do not open our hearts up fully to Him, the more we tend to suffer with these strongholds. So I would encourage you to choose FREEDOM today! Please do not wait any longer!


Dear Jesus...We come before you with humble hearts desiring to be set free from anything that holds us back from being who you desire us to be. Free from hurts, pain, regrets, rejection, condemnation, unforgiveness, offence, pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, critical/harsh spirits, unclean speech, fornication, idolatry, perverted sexual desires/actions, pornography, addictions of all types, mental illness, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, compulsive disorders, everything that goes against your Word Jesus. We know that throughout Your word you warn us what sin of any types can do in our lives. We now repent for being disobedient, rebellious and not adhering to the wisdom of your Word. We ask forgiveness for all sins committed by our ancestors and us knowing and unknowingly and ask you to come and reveal all areas of our lives that need Your touch of healing and deliverance through dreams and visions, through Your Word, or by whispering in our ears you truth! Convict our hearts of Your truth oh LORD...

Thank You LORD for hearing our prayer, and we trust and know that you are about to do a great thing in our lives because you desire ALL your children to be set free! We pray this in Jesus' name!

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