Hello there! Welcome to my blog...

It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to share my humble experiences and intimate moments with our beloved Lord through this blog with you all.  I am called to obedience and only do what the Father asks me to do.  It truly humbles me to no end to think that God has called me for such a time as this... I am only a vessel.  An instrument that He can use.


I became a Christian many years ago in my teen years.  Boy, did I ever NOT realize what that meant back then.  Throughout my lifetime, the Lord has been at my side through many, many life challenges and blessings.

I can truly tell you that I have been through the fire of Holy Spirit; the furnace of purification where gold becomes shiny, pure, and sparkling and actually SURVIVED!!  Only through His absolutely amazing and awesome love and mercy am I here today!

Really, truth be told, I would not be here at this very moment sharing my heart with you all if it were not for His strength, His protection and His sovereign merciful hand upon my life. 


I have been through near death emergency surgery at a young age of 14.  (I am only alive because it was God's will for me to live).  I survived the first ever school shooting @ Brampton Centennial Secondary School in grade 10.  I married the man of my dreams at the age of 25 to only suffer a terrible heartbreak of divorce when I was 41 years old; having to raise both my boys almost on my own.  I have had to experience the death of both my parents, (my mom passed away when I was 35 yrs. old) The last being my daddy only 3 years ago.  Through the help of my beloved Lord, I raised two wonderful God fearing boys, survived a mental/anxiety/panic attack breakdown only a few months ago due to a great hurt and betrayal in my life, and having survived all this only through the grace of God... I have even come out of the wilderness stronger and more wise.  I have encountered much throughout my life, betrayal, abandonment, loneliness, rejection, name it, I've been through it, but one thing is for certain, Jesus is my strength, my all merciful and faithful friend.  He has never betrayed me, never abandoned me, and never left me alone.  I can always depend on Him and I praise His Holy Name that He is my beloved, my defender, my protector and my husband...

The Lord has shown me many things throughout all these years of what it truly means to lean and trust on Him alone.  Not on people, but on Him.  I fought this for years.  It was a painful and long road, but he has brought me to a place of peace and joy like I have never felt before.  He shares His heart with me (yes this still boggles my mind) and trusts me with what He shares.  How awesome is that?  A wonderful almighty God, trusting in a little vessel like me?  Yes, indeed He is a great friend, a beloved lover of His children.. and guess what?  You can have this same kind of relationship with Him!

My prayer and desire is that you will all be blessed, encouraged, lifted up, transformed, and grow in intimacy with our beloved YAH through what He has me share with you on this blog.

So, I encourage you to read through my blog, slowly, meditating on what is written in the Words that Holy Spirit shares... and please go to your bibles and get to know Him yourselves through intimate relationship with our beloved...

I bless you all... You are loved by the Father...

Maria S.


Daughter, Princess, beloved of the Most High, humble watchman/seer & teacher of His Word.

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