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Merry Christmas

Today as I was getting ready for my day, I saw a vision as follows which the Lord has allowed me to share with all of you:

I saw our beloved Jesus with His mighty hand outstretched over His people. He had a soldering iron and was placing it over His children's hearts. It shone so brightly (with His mighty light) that I could barely look at it. was amazing!!!!! This light that was emitting from the iron was healing, soldering/sealing up the wounds of His faithful children who had been betrayed, hurt, abandoned, abused, offended, etc. I could see the hearts beating, pulsating with areas spotted black in colour (areas where wounds of long ago and unforgiveness lived) being touched by this great beam of light and were being closed up and instantly healed... Jesus was smiling from ear to ear as He did this... As His light touched these areas, His children's faces shone and their whole countenance transformed!!! They were set free!!!! Transformed!

This is so profound! Jesus was full of joy because His greatest joy is to see His children healed and able to minister with clean and spotless hearts. We cannot minister to the hurt and wounded if we are carrying unforgiveness, hurts and wounds in our hearts.

He is visiting His faithful children this day in a mighty way like never seen before; those who have never abandoned their faith & trust in Him, and have stuck it out through the fiery purging, . On this special day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, He is beginning a great move amongst His people.

Just wait and see what He is about to do...

Merry Christmas and a blessed & prosperous New Year 2019!!!

God bless you all!


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