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Do you desire a deeper relationship with me?

I was sitting tonight in my family room, just thanking, praising & glorifying the Lord for all He has blessed me with, my two boys, a beautiful daughter in law, my home, my family, my church, my health etc., etc. I then began asking the Lord to please speak to my heart and I heard Him gently say:

"My beloved, I desire my little ones to spend time in my presence. They may approach me at anytime, as I do not slumber nor sleep. I am completely approachable. My Son died on the cross for them. Do not allow the enemy to distract you from coming to me. He will try every tactic in the book to keep you away from me. Remember, he is very subtle and tricky. Be aware of his deceptive ways. Go to My Word frequently. Learn about my ways, but also be aware of how the enemy of your soul operates. Even a general will always research his enemy. He will never go into battle without know as much as possible about his enemy!
I AM with you always..."

This is just so beautiful! I am always in awe when I hear His sweet, still voice. He leaves me speechless and more in love with Him every time! He is just sooo wise. So kind and gentle. He waits for me; ever so patiently. Sometimes, he waits a long time, as I get so distracted with every day things. TV, my iPhone, work around the house, etc. (yes we are all guilty of this)

In order to have more intimacy with our Lord, we must ask for great discipline within out soul. It is very difficult for me especially if I am fatigued, tired and run down. This is another tactic that the enemy uses on us. He runs us down by keeping us so busy, that we don't have time nor energy to spend with our Beloved YAH...

I am always taken back by the patience that the Lord has towards all His children. He is never 'impatient' or 'rushed' with us. He waits, He waits, and He waits... Because HE LOVES US... He will NEVER give up on us...NEVER...He will chase us till the day we die. Never giving up!

Now that's a powerful love. That's a love like no other! An unconditional love!

Unconditional love = "known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions." (Wikipedia)

This is so true of God. He definitely loves us without any limitation or condition. We don't have to do anything to 'warrant' His love. He loved us before we were formed in our mother's womb.

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb." Jeremiah 1:5 (NLT)

It has taken me years to somewhat understand the love that my beloved Lord has for me and for all His children. He loves us all equally. No one is better than another. This was really hard for me to understand since I grew up in a very 'perfectionate' kind of family. Everything had to be done perfectly or you certainly heard about it. This created in me an attitude that I always somehow had to be 'better than anyone else'. I was always trying to prove something. Over the years Jesus has certainly showed and taught me through many great men and women of God that this is not what our heavenly Father expects or demands from us. He demands nothing. He desires. He is such a gentleman. He never forces us to be something. He always desires and shows us the way that is right and the best way! Since He is perfect, he always knows best.

"Nothing can separate us from our Father's Love". Romans 8:39

I have fought this for a long time, but only now do I understand that my own image of me does not depend on what others think of me, or how great they think I am, or how terrible they think I am. Truly, all that is important to me is what my Heavenly Father thinks about me, and what He thinks of me is that I am His Beloved. His treasure. His chosen one! His most special girl! And let me tell you all something: SO ARE YOU!!! Please do not let the devil lie to you!!

Be blessed! You are highly favoured and loved by YAH!

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