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Are you distracted or unfocused?

For the past little while, I started to notice a lot of distractions and lack of focus starting to occur. in my life. I have been praying to the LORD for revelation in this area of my life. In the past I have had my times of lack of focus especially during very stressful times in my life ie death in family, betrays, disappointments, etc., and these are normal moments of lack of focus; but if they continue on for prolonged periods of time, or all the time, then this is something that needs to be addressed!

For the last few months, this has been a struggle for me more than normal. Many distraction coming at me from every direction. Sometimes I become overwhelmed to the point of just shutting down and not wanting to do anything.

I head the Lord quite often say to me 'keep focused' 'keep your eyes on Me' and I would say "yes Lord' and the I would find myself a few minutes later being distracted again and not spending so much time with Him as I desired to.

The Lord then began speaking to me clearly about what I was doing with my time.

"Beloved do not allow the enemy to creep in very subtly and take time away from us. Yes, he is a stealer of time too!
There is time in the day to do all you need to do. Why is there very little time for Me? My children do all sorts of recreational things, watch TV, spend time on social media, work at their jobs all day, eat, feast, have long conversations on their phones, text message, etc...yet why do they not have time for Me? The enemy of your soul comes in like a thief and steals precious moments that you should be spending with Me. He is sneaky, very cunning and does it in stealth mode. Before you know it your whole day has passed you buy, and you have neglected spending precious moments in my presence.
All things are good when used for good, but not all things are used well all the time. Please be aware of this theft of time. Please do not make excuses saying you have no time, or you are too tired, or you cannot focus because your life is not in order. Put all things in order. The enemy loves to create disorder and create 'messes' in your lives. Be aware of His sneaky and stealth-like ways! Set apart a time for me and stick to it every day. Add it to your journal if that helps you keep it in right standing. Do you not set a time apart to eat, to fellowship with each other, to work, to bath. Then, if you LOVE ME, make time for Me. I await you daily. I desire to spend these precious moments with you all. I have so much to reveal to each one of my beloveds, and the enemy knows that if you spend time in my presence it will greatly transform you and fill you up. IT WILL CHANGE YOU...It will strengthen you. That is why he desperately tries to stop you from approaching Me. Not only will I reveal beautiful and wondrous things to you, but you will get to know Me much more intimately. You will experience My love like never before.
Beloveds, come, be filled with My wisdom and know your enemy's tactics. Be aware of what he steals from you daily! Come, I await you..."
Everything is permissible for me, but not all things are beneficial. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything [and brought under its power, allowing it to control me]. 1 Corinthians 6:12

This is so true! We have all experienced procrastination, distractions and lack of focus many times in our lives.

Lord, please forgive us for being so distracted and listening to the excuses and lies of the enemy! He is a deceiver... and he certainly does come to us in 'stealth mode' and many times we do not even see or get that he is stealing these precious moments from You, LORD.

I now see that satan can even delay our call this way . He keeps us bound to lies and believing that we just don't have enough time to do this or that. We're not good enough or know enough. He exhausts us with making us running around in circles doing everything else, but spending time with our Beloved Jesus...

Lord, please help us to stay focused on YOU. Increase our passion, hunger and love for You so much that we cannot stay away from YOU. Set our hearts ablaze with love for YOU more than anything else in our lives. You are so wonderful, so beautiful and so patient. You wait for us daily and yet many times we don't show up. Please forgive our lack of attention and commitment to intimacy with YOU. We desire more of YOU and hearing Your voice directing us on what to do according to your desires, not only our desires! We thank You Jesus for never giving up on us, never abandoning us even when we tend to back away from YOU! We thank You for your faithfulness! Amen!

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